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How Time Flies

Wow…I truly can’t believe it’s been three months sense my last post. So much has happened. A new job, unexpected travels to Michigan, meeting new people, planning trips to Vegas and some fresh ink. As I strive to find my place in LA and find where I truly fit in, I’ve let the blog go. How could this happen, right? We sometimes forget about what truly makes us happy when we are chasing what we feel is “the dream”.

I recently picked up a book called “X vs. Y“. A story about two sisters, 14 years apart in age, and their lives growing up in two completely different generations. Seeing as how I have two older sisters from generation Y, I couldn’t help but wanting to see how similar their lives were to ours. With every new book comes new ideas and this book has done just that. I’m only on the first chapter but I’m so excited to share with you the idea I have for this 8″x6″ mini masterpiece. Not only has it brought my desire for new experiences back to life but I’ve begun to reminisce about my childhood and how amazing it was to be an 80’s baby. Whether you have a sister or not, ladies I recommend you pick up this book and go back to 5th grade when we were in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

A side note: to those who have recently commented about their love for my blog I thank you. It’s because of people like you that I remember what this experience is all about and why I started TLCT. You keep me on my toes. It’s you that makes me strive to try as much as I can and continue to get out of my comfort zone.

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Cheers to you and your motivational ways!



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