Layering: The Accessory Trend to Try


necklaces & jacket: Forever 21 | top: Tommy Hilfiger

Trends are the way to go in fashion and although I may follow a few, it is not my bible to what I wear. See a trend and like it? Give it a shot. It’s the only way to step out of your usual and experiment with new looks. We all know I’m down for anything I haven’t tried, especially in fashion so when it comes to accessories, I can go a little overboard. Their ability to change an outfit completely gets my styling juices flowing and into a black hole of ideas. These are no Dylanlex pieces, but it’s a start to something simple that can turn into a new obsession.


necklaces & top: Forever 21

With an abundance of necklaces, my stacking ability has continued to grow and I’m finding myself looking more and more for those perfect pieces. Basic chains, such as these above, are great examples of necklaces that can go with anything and make a simple necklace pop with added texture and mixed metals. Stack your basics together for a great look or with more elaborate pieces to show your A-game.


necklaces: Forever 21 | top: Harley-Davidson

As you can see my preference in stacking necklaces is with short, bulkier styles. Layering longer pieces can be achieved as well and is a good way to introduce yourself to this trend. Grab a few of your favorites, at different lengths, and get to stacking. The most important thing when trying something new is to have fun with it. The experience is no good if you are not open to change and what it may bring to you. Who knows, you may shock the shit out of yourself and create a whole new look. Sooner then later you’ll have ladies asking you where you got that amazing neck candy.


First #9: A Rainy Day Everyday

First Friday has been on hold, as I’m still trying to figure out this whole schedule thing between writing for stylehaüs, the new gig, and writing for here. Who would have thought a fashion design student would become more of a writer.

Anyways, for this First Friday I wanted to share a video with you that went viral not too long ago. Watching this little girl experience something as simple as rain for the first time brings life to something we truly take for granted. Her happiness and desire to keep this experience going is something I want to share with everyone. This is what life is all about. When new ideas, food, travels, ways or culture come our way, grab it by the horns and don’t let go because the outcome will be something you will never forget.


Lesson Learned: In all first time experiences, we become a kid again.


The Boat Life: Party on the Yacht


For some mind boggling reason, not one of us took photos of the yacht. We have a ton of photos on the yacht, but non of it. Anyways, this experience was amazing. I never thought I would be on a boat of this size, let alone in Cabo. The site of it was breathtaking and we definitely lived the vacation life.


The blue/turquoise water was even better out in the middle of the ocean and the weather was PERFECT! Not only did we have a personal chef and wait staff, but we had a jet ski, scuba gear and a water scooter. The water scooter was a motorized hand-held unit that when activated, it takes you under the water in a quicker way then you can swim. Although I’m not a fan of fish, I have to say swimming next to them was pretty amazing and I would do it again in a heart beat.


Views like this, I could have stayed out all day. Watching whales swim only 500 feet in front of us was hands down the best part of the whole experience. From trying ceviche and coconut shrimp for the first time, to snorkeling and spending time with my Texas friends, I truly feel like I lived a dream for an entire week. I can’t stop looking at these photos. If you EVER get the chance to go to Cabo, I say don’t have a second thought. This place is a site to see and a true paradise.

Lesson Learned: Take every experience, whether it’s your first or tenth time, as if it was your first. They all go by too fast.


The New Cardio: The Curve


So besides all the amazingness that I experienced in Cabo, I immediately fell in love with the Curve the first morning at the gym. Not only was my view way better then the usual at Gold’s Gym, but this new type of treadmill that I didn’t even know existed changed my ways of cardio for the next week. Fifteen minutes on this bad boy and I felt like I just ran three miles. Let’s not lie…I run about a 10 minute mile comfortably so we know that really wasn’t achieved. By the way you transfer your weight, the curve functions on no electricity and creates an upward hill almost. You burn the calories quicker then on a regular treadmill, 30% more to be exact.

I LOVE THIS THING!!! Did I mention that already? If I could get this great of a cardio workout in the short amount of time that I did, I would never worry about another elliptical again. The downfall? The price is ridiculous. It uses no electricity besides the monitor at the top, which I’m sure is just battery operated. Sure they boost the price because you don’t just see it anywhere but come on. I need one of these. $6,000? You’re out of your f’ing mind. Looks like the elliptical will have to do for now!

Lesson Learned: Appreciate the new because it won’t last forever!